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Diane Enger Glassworks

Fused Glass  Diane Enger,artist and teacher                 

Glass has an intrinsic reflective nature and my work plays with this quality by combining the glass with other materials or creating different textures and surfaces on the glass by using a variety of techniques and firing schedules.  Working with glass in this way can enhance or contrast its reflective quality.  Inspired by nature, I utilize the patterns and textures of our beautiful trees, foilage and mountains which surround me.  My artwork is a process of constructing these inspirations in glass.  This creates a flow of designs that portray my reflections on life .  Hope my work gives you a pause to reflect.....

High standards of craftsmanship and customer service are the focus of my online business.  Do not hesitate to contact me for any additional information.  I hope you will enjoy your visit.

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